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Konverentsi: Supporting New Teachers in Europe teeside esitamise tähtaeg on 30.11.2011 11. mai 2011


International Conference on Research for Induction of New Teachers

9th-11th of May 2012, Tallinn University, Estonia

Supporting New Teachers in Europe is an international conference focused on innovations in supporting new teachers in their early career.

The aim of the conference is to disseminate results of research and development work aimed at promoting professional learning of early career teachers. The focus is on sharing research based evidence and best practices to support new teachers. The conference is targeted to new teachers, mentors and teacher educators, educational researchers, administrators and policy makers related to induction of new teachers.

The conference is free of charge for the participants as it will be financially supported by Nordplus (Horizontal Programme) and European Commission (Lifelong Learning Programme). The conference is organised in collaboration with the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, the international networks for teacher induction NQTNE, NQT-COME and INNOTE, The Finnish National Network for Peer Group Mentoring of New Teachers Osaava Verme and Estonian Network for Supporting New Teachers.

The keynote lectures will be held by Professor Tero Autio (University of Tallinn) and Senior Administrator Paul Holdsworth (Directorate General, Education and Culture,  European Commission).

Proposals for presentations are invited to be presented at the parallel conference sessions. The academic paper presentations will be held in English only. We also wish welcome workshops about best practices of mentoring in English, Estonian, Finnish or Swedish / Danish / Norwegian.


The proposals for academic papers will undergo a double blind peer review process. Submission information includes topic, abstract and an introduction on presenter, maximum of 200 words.

Please submit the proposals as an e-mail attachment to ilona.haapasalo@jyu.fi  in Word or pdf format. Subject your message Tallinn2012 / your last name. The absolute deadline for abstract submission is 30.11.2011.

The call for papers in pdf form is in http://ktl.jyu.fi/ktl/nqtne/tallinn2012/callforpapers

See more of the conference program at http://ktl.jyu.fi/ktl/nqtne/tallinn2012

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