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edendamise programm Eduko

Activity 4: teaching methods and course content

Revising Teaching Methods and Course Content and Developing Human Resources

1) Training and continuing education for teaching staff and other specialists

The teaching staff is encouraged to learn from the best practices in teacher training in Estonian and foreign R&D institutions, and to participate in training courses and conventions, seminars, and summer and winter schools on the specifics of teacher training (including those organised in Estonia).

2) Study materials, study environments and instructions

We will support the creation of study environments and the compilation or revision of study materials, instructions and methodological materials for student teachers, teaching staff, teaching practice supervisors and mentors.

3) Developing academic cooperation networks in teacher training

We will encourage cooperation between teaching staff and researchers, schools, universities and professional organisations in and outside Estonia. The cooperation may include shortterm work with foreign specialists and short visits by teaching staff, researchers and students to educational institutions in other countries.

4) Developing a counselling service for student teachers and teachers

We will work in three areas:

1. support for teachers’ self-refl ection and professional development during the initial training and induction year;

2. subject-based and methodological counseling of students in teaching practice, teachers and, if necessary, other specialists in cooperation with subject didactics specialists and mentors;

3. career counselling for teachers, including career planning during the initial training or induction year and help for teachers with retraining and continuing education.

As a result of activity 4 there will be systems to support teachers’ professional development and a network for subjectbased and methodological counselling and feedback. The quality of studies will improve. The number of teacher trainers who have worked as teachers will increase, and graduate teachers will be more professional. Universities will improve their counselling systems for teachers.