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edendamise programm Eduko

Activity 2: surveys

Promoting Education Sciences through Surveys and Analyses

1) Satisfying the need for information and increasing research skills in education sciences

We will conduct systematic, relevant and reliable education surveys, including surveys of teacher training and schools, and gather the existing surveys together in a unified database. As part of the programme, short-term surveys and analyses will run in parallel with long-term surveys to produce a new generation of researchers and teaching staff for teacher training and improve the quality of research.

Surveys will receive funding on the condition that research groups work together with the teaching staff, researchers or PhD (and Master) students of teacher training from partner universities.

2) Increasing research skills through training and encouraging the sharing of experience in education sciences

Teaching staff and researchers working with the research groups in education sciences funded by the programme will be able to take training courses, share their experiences and make short-term visits to foreign universities or R&D institutions to participate in the working sessions of international research groups, conventions, training courses, or other events for sharing experience.

As a result of activity 2 young teaching staff, students and teachers will be involved in long-term research projects. Their participation will improve the quality of research and publications and increase the number of publications. The ability of research groups to apply for additional funding will also improve.