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Activities 3: study programmes and flexible choices

Analysis and Development of Teacher Training Programmes

1) Analysing the need to change initial training together with universities

Cooperation seminars will be held to compare study programmes, study modules and learning outcomes, and to specify and harmonise the learning outcomes, structure and execution of initial teacher training programmes, and the principles of the system for Accreditation of Prior and Experimental Learning (APEL) The need to change initial training will also be analysed.

The principles of programmes will be established for different fields of study, the objectives of the study of education sciences, and subject modules, learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

2) Developing study programmes and the organisation of studies in universities

Initial training programmes will be revised and changes will be made in the programmes by field of study and in the organisation of studies, including the principles of on the job learning.

3) Making it easier to gain and expand qualifications as a teacher

It will be made easier to qualify as a teacher in several subjects during the initial training. There will be more continuing education and retraining, and on the job learning will also be developed. We will support the creation of extra modules to fit with the development of the national curriculum and other key areas.

As a result of activity 3 uniform goals will be established in initial teacher training for studies in education sciences and subject-based studies, learning outcomes, the principles for assessing skills and VÕTA. A system for continuing education and retraining will be set up as a route to becoming a qualified teacher.