Haridusteaduse ja õpetajakoolituse
edendamise programm Eduko

Activity 1: PhD studies

Ensuring a New Generation of Teaching Staff and Promoting PhD Studies

1) Developing PhD studies

We will support the development of PhD study programmes and the creation of joint study programmes or study modules involving at least two universities. Funding will follow analysis of the weaknesses of the current study programmes and proposals for improvement.

2) Increasing admissions to PhD studies

Alongside the state-funded PhD students, some PhD students will be admitted to studies in education sciences funded on the condition that they participate in a research project funded by the programme, undertake part of their studies and research in a foreign university, and have their theses co-supervised by a member of the teaching staff of a foreign university. The PhD students will receive a scholarship equal to the Doctoral allowance in Estonia.

3) Making PhD studies more effective

Additional funding will be given for the cosupervisors of PhD students of education sciences, including external  students. Co-supervisors should be from a foreign university and should advise PhD students on thesis methodology, publication, etc, in order to help students complete and defend their PhD theses. We will support seminars to find ways of making PhD studies in educational sciences more effective.

As a result of activity 1 the quality of PhD studies in education sciences will rise and the number of education researchers with PhDs will increase. More PhD students will complete their studies and more contacts will be established with foreign researchers.