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Activity 5: management and control

Developing Management and Quality Control for Teacher Training


1) Developing criteria for quality control together with universities

Surveys and analyses of the processes and quality of teacher training will be mapped. Goals will be set for quality control in teacher training, as will criteria for measuring the quality of teacher training programmes and studies.


2) Developing the evaluation of study processes in universities

The criteria for quality control will be used to evaluate the quality of teacher training in universities. This will help to increase the capacity of curriculum boards, gather feedback and make proposals for necessary changes and improvements. In partner universities, the existing regulations will be revised and proposals will be made for quality control in teacher training and for giving feedback.


3) Developing teacher training systems and management in universities

We will help to organise training courses and seminars and to develop management models for teacher training in universities in order to promote teacher training.


As a result of activity 5 universities will have effective management and quality control systems for teacher training. A high value will be placed on teacher training and it will be developed systematically. Earlier surveys and analyses of the quality of teacher training will be mapped, gathered in a unified database and made available for everyone.