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Activity 6: dissemination of information

Encouraging Dissemination of Information and Cooperation


1) Publishing information about the programme

We will create a communication network to encourage cooperation between partners and organise the collection, publishing and dissemination of information, publications and webbased materials related to the programme.


We will publish information on the internet about training courses and seminars, research results, experience sharing, study programme development, new study opportunities and other relevant topics.


2) Making teacher training more popular

We will encourage the formation of communities interested in teacher training and initiatives by student teachers and young teachers in their induction year.


We will support the organisation of thematic courses and seminars for young teachers and student teachers. We will fund public information projects to make teacher training more visible and a career as a teacher more attractive.


3) Facilitating cooperation and training for working groups

We will ensure consistency between the different parts of the programme and keep the working groups of the programme informed by sharing information and experience, and through training courses and seminars.


As a result of activity 6 the outcomes of the programme will be published on the web. The target groups of teacher training will be informed of the opportunities offered by the programme. Communication between the teaching staff of different teacher training institutions and cooperation  within and between universities will improve.